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  This classic green model calls our Cambridge office home.


These wonderful machines are still finding their ways into the homes and offices of collectors, traditionalists and technophobes alike.

We sell a wide range of typewriters, parts and accessories.

Our biggest seller these days are vintage portable manual typewriters dating from the 1920's through 1970's and including classic brands such as Royal, Corona, Olympia, Smith Corona, Olivetti, Underwood and Remington. Each machine has been beautifully restored and is in excellent running condition. They come with carrying cases (when available), new ribbons, and most even with new platens. Prices and availability are subject to change, so please contact us for more information. Photos are also available by request.

In addition to vintage machines, we also sell reconditioned IBM Correcting Selectric 2 and 3 typewriters and many models of IBM Wheelwriter typewriters.

We also sell other kinds of typewriters, including portable electronic machines and larger standard manual machines. Feel free to call or email and let us know what kind of machine you're looking for.

Parts and Accessories
We carry a wide range of parts and accessories for vintage and more modern typewriters. If you are looking for standard or hard-to-find ribbons we have most already in stock, including heavy inked spool ribbons.

For IBM machines we have ribbons, correction cassettes, covers, typing elements in over a dozen type styles, and print wheels available. These IBM typewriters are still vital and can be found still in-use in many offices today so we have everything you need to keep yours running smoothly.

Stop by our store today to see the wide range of typewriters and parts that we have in stock. You won't be disappointed.